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Hello and welcome, my name is Ben Sturtevant.  I am honored to be able to introduce you to this incredible company -  Lightyear Wireless!


The purpose of this site is NOT to fill you with a bunch of hype or to convince you to join Lightyear.  I hope that by investigating our program you can educate yourself about our company, our business model, and our vision.


Ben Sturtevant

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Lightyear Wireless is a cutting edge company founded on principles destined to revolutionize the Home Business industry.  With its "Empowering People's Lives By Showing Them a Better Way" philosophy, Lightyear Wireless has devised a Home Business program that is untouchable, even unapproachable, by competitive companies. 


Our team (The VisionTeam Marketing Group) is one of the top teams inside of Lightyear and we're thrilled that you are considering joining us.  Our mission is to to create more people earning $10,000 per month in income than any other company in our industry.  Will you be one of them?  Find out if Lightyear Wireless is the right vehicle for you, click below to start your free tour of information and judge for yourself!


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